Dufferin Wellington Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


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Our Caregiver Support Groups provide an opportunity for caregivers to support one another through sharing of experiences and learning various coping strategies. Please visit our Caregiver Support Groups page for more information.

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Grandparents raising their grandchildren with neurodiversity including FASD, Autism and ADHD report experiencing many joys and feelings of fulfillment. They also frequently speak about the challenges raising grandchildren at this stage of life. The constant daily demands and concerns for their loved one’s future can leave grandparents feeling overwhelmed. This group will create a supportive space for grandparents to share real experiences, relationship, and even laughter. Attendees at this six-part series will benefit from counselling, mentorship, and strategies to calm their “autonomic” nervous system, the part of our system that works automatically to manage our stress response without us having to pay any attention. By learning to regulate our own system, we will be better equipped to coregulate our grandchildren.  

Participants in previous groups reported increased resiliency and improved feelings of well being and connection with others in the group as well as with their children. Friendships were formed among participants that have extended beyond the group, further reducing isolation, improving feelings of well-being, and leading to continued peer-to-peer support. 

This group is only available to parents/caregivers who are part of the Parent2Parent Support Network. To sign up, individuals must have a registration and intake completed.

Facilitated by Nancy Lockwood, FASD Consultant and Tanya Eichler, Registered Psychotherapist.


Check out the website for further information:  Therapeutic Support Group for Grandparents Raising Grandchild(ren) with Neurodiversity — Adopt4Life