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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

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  Helping Beautiful Brains Blossom

Online Supports 


Big White Wall

Connected Breath: Guided practice breathing

Articles and Blogs

WDGPH Taking Care of Your Mental Health During Social Distancing and Self-Isolation

BBC CoronaVirus: How to Protect Your Mental Health


A Three Step Approach to Managing Uncertainty

Tip Sheets

Talking to your Anxious Child about Covid-19

Things you can do to manage anxiety

Strategies for Safer  Substance Use

Grounding Activities: a list of things to do when feeling anxious, uneasy and overwhelmed.

Talking to Kids

How to calm anxieties around COVID-19

Talking to kids about the coronavirus

How to talk to your kids about COVID-19 without scaring them too much

PBS How to talk to your kids about the coronavirus - practical Tips/links to videos/songs about viruses for younger kids 

Website with books about germs and importance of hand washing


Videos from CBC kids for 9+

Explaining COVID-19 to autistic children


UGDSB frequently asked questions about COVID-19

Learning resources available for Upper Grand Students


Social Stories from Boardmaker

What is COVID-19?

My COVID-19 Story​​​​​​​

Explaining coronavirus to individuals with a development disability 

Plain language information on COVID-19

Mindfulness tools

Daily Calm Blog- Take a Deep Breath

Mindfulness app- free for front line staff

Free toolkit for anxiety

Coping with stress during the outbreak from WHO

Free online mindfulness classes for kids

Resiliency tools

CMHA WW Health Promotion Resource ​​​​​​​

COVID-19 and Mental Health

Briefing note on COVID-19 and Mental Health

Psychological first aid for working with front-line staff

Activities for Kids

Free printable activities for children age K-Grade 5