Dufferin Wellington Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


FASD Resources

Organization Websites

Canada Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Research Network (CanFASD;2016)

CanFASD is a Canadian charitable organization that support the development and promotion of an inter-sectoral approach to diagnosis, prevention, intervention, and support of individuals who are affected by FASD. The website houses valuable information on FASD, published articles, and issue papers as well as an overview of the continued progress of the organization.http://www.canfasd.ca

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Ontario Network of Expertise (FASD ONE; 2016)

FASDONE is a group funded b Public Health Agency of Canada that works to address issues related to FASD in Ontario.  their mission is to develop an integrated system of prevention, diagnosis, and special intervention.  The website shares resources and news with caregivers and service providers, including the 2014 Call to Action, webinars, newsletters, and publications. The website offers reports on the activities of FASD ONE.


FASD Information for Ontario

An accurate, up-to-date Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) information for Ontario. This website will help you to find the latest news, training events, an opportunity to learn about a variety of FASD topics.


Caregiver Resources

Vulnerable Persons Registry

This voluntary registry will provide the Police Services with emergency contact information, detailed physical descriptions, known routines, and needs of this individual.  The information shared will assist police offices in communication with, attending a residence of, or when dealing with an emergency involving this individual. 



Easy to Love but Hard to Raise: Parenting Kids with Invisible Special Needs (2012)

This source is a blog that stemmed from the book Easy to Love but Hard to Raise: Real Parents, Challenging Kids, True Stories. The goal of the blog is to be an easy to understand resources for anyone raising a child who is easy to love but difficulty to raise.

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Professional Resources

Donna Debolt's Powerpoint - FASD a Child Centered Perspective: Creating the Partnership (April 11th, 2016)

Donna Debolt is a social worker that provides strength-based training on neurodevelopmental conditions through the lens of 'brain-based difficulties'.   This PowerPoint provides an excellent overview of presentations on FASD as well as the 'brain based' reason for these presentations.  A strong argument is presented highlighting the need for integrated support services focused on accommodating the environment. To register for the training Donna Debolt provides visit the website below. http://ww.fasdtraining.com


FASD Podcast: Diagnostic Guidelines (2015)

Dr. Valerie Temple, a clinical psychologist Surrey Place Centre in Toronto, and Dr. Christine Loock, a developmental pediatrician at Children's Women's Health Centre of British Colombia, are two authors of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A Guideline for Diagnosis Across the Lifespan. In this podcast, they explain what to look for in clinical practice with regards to diagnosing FASD

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Temple, V., & Loock, C., (2015). Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: A guideline for diagnosis across the lifespan. CMJA Podcast. Podcast retrieved from http://soundcloud.com/cmajpodcasts


10/3 Podcast - The myths and mystery of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.  Looking at how great the risk of FASD is, who is most affected, and how myths and stigma complicate understanding of the disorder.