Dufferin Wellington Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


Joanne V - Weighted Blankets and More

Many fun colours and designs to choose from.

There are many benefits of using a weighted blanket such as: provides comfort and security, eases stress and soothes anxiety, improves quality of sleep, calms the nervous system and many more! 

Gail Flannigan - Discovery Toys

A wide variety of engaging toys and items!  Discovery Toys helps kids learn and grow through play by offering the most outstanding developmental toys, books and games available.  

Tonya Hamilton - MMC

MMC provides the highest level of quality when creating our products. The materials we use are tested by a third party for lead, mercury and other harmful chemicals. Our final products are also tested with a small parts test, and Reasonably Foreseeable Use (this is a drop test as well as a push and pull test). 

MMC creates stylish products so that everyone looks good while addressing their sensory needs. 

Our sensory products are created for people between 3 and 100. We have a variety of pendants, beaded necklaces, fidget rings and zipper pulls that allow an individual to be able to chew or fidget on a product that is safe.

Our goal is to create Neurodiverse spaces readily available to everyone.

Natalie Bossence - It's a Beautiful Life Boutique

My name is Natalie Bossence and I am the owner of Its a Beautiful Life Boutique and a mom of 2 little boys. I’m also a full time veterinarian, but I started this boutique as both a creative outlet, but also out of the desire to create safe and fun bath and body items for my kids as well as special treats for myself. 

I have learned and researched and make quality skincare without the toxic ingredients that we all want to avoid. Those products can be plain and simple, but also can be super fun!

All of my ingredients are FDA approved and all my recipes are registered with Health Canada with compliant labeling. 

Here you’ll be able to find products that your kids will love, that you can feel good about, and some treats to pamper yourself as well!

Shannon Butt - Joy with Shannon

A collection of art, affirmation,  and handcrafted woodwork, Joy with Shannon celebrates the creative diversity of the FASD brain. Dedicated to using mainly foraged and repurposed items and in new and thoughtful ways, Joy with Shannon aims to augment your journey with meaningful pieces to match every price range and style.